About us

Al Gawhara ophthalmology Lasik and Retina center opened its surgery center in Al Ismailia in 2010 to serve communities of the Suez Canal region and neighbors cities. For patients who need eye surgery, it is important to make sure that outpatient eye surgery is provided with professional doctors and fully equipped with latest technologies.

Al Gawhara ophthalmology Lasik and Retina center has been specifically designed for regular check ups early diagnosis and surgical or laser treatment of the eye. Our eye care specialized center is licensed by the Egyptian ministry of health and are governmental medical insurance certified.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Center's Message:
"To provide exceptional, high-quality healthcare services in the field of ophthalmology that exceed our clients' expectations through a distinguished and highly competent medical team, utilizing the latest medical devices and technologies, while committing ourselves to the highest professional standards and continuous development."

Center's Vision:
"To be global leaders in the field of ophthalmic health by delivering innovation and excellence in clinical practice and development."
Center's Values:
Excellence: We strive to achieve the highest standards in clinical practice, professionalism, and leadership.
Innovation: We encourage new and implementable ideas that work towards improving and enhancing visual health.
Collaboration: We collaborate regardless of location or affiliation across all specialties.
Respect: We respect the ideas, rights, beliefs, dignity, and well-being of all doctors, patients, and staff.
Responsibility: We are accountable to our clients and our local and global communities in all our activities.

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